Monday, February 18, 2013

Balance? What's balance?

People often ask me how I balance it all.  Haha - not! If my life were more unbalanced we'd all be living upside down.

By waking up early
Reality: By waking up 5 minutes after the kids do - this provides a maximum sense of panic and frustration in the morning to motivate me to get everyone dressed and out of the house.

By making a weekly meal plan
Reality:  Screw you plan! I promptly rearrange all meals after the first night.  I can't live under anybody's rules - no even my own.

By communicating with my husband
Reality: I get mad at the poor guy when things go wrong - whatever the problem is, is likely his fault.

By leaving work at work
Reality: I stress about work all the time and constantly check my e-mails.  It doesn't help that I'm pretty sure I'm the weakest link at work, so I work extra hours and don't log them in to try and make up for my inadequacies.

By spending quality time with my children
Reality: I make breakfast while Daniel plays with the kids.  I wash laundry while the kids play with each other and Uri cries.  I wash the dishes while kids watch a movie.  I nurse the baby while kids are playing with the neighbor's kids in the toy room.  I work while they're at school.

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