Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Have a Right to be Entitled!

I'm not a green thumb.  In fact, I have the uncanny ability to somehow let my plants die, in spite of my avid obsession with al things sustainable.  Just the term "sustainable agriculture" gives me shivers!  I love digging in the dirt, putting mulch around my trees...and due to recent events in my life, I've decided I'm just going to do whatever the heck I want - follow my gut and my heart and maybe listen to a little bit of Raquelish wisdom instead of blindly following my husband (though I love him) or the Jewish community (though I like them).  I've gotten to a point in my life where I've realized that I've forgotten who I am, so I'm going to find myself.  The Kinder Garden may become nothing, but shriveling plants on my window sill, but I was raised in the early '90's where children were taught that we everyone loved us and that we could be anything we wanted to be and that we had a right be entitled.  So dangit, I'm going to be freakin' farmer if it kills me!  Watch me grow!

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