Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Chicks - Shiny, Tiny, Don and Buddy

We got our new chicks on Monday.  Hopefully they're all hens and we got four varieties: a Black Astralorp, an Aerecana, a Rhode Island Red and a Buff Laced Polish.  So far they're alive and well, in spite of Moshe well-meaning, but rough parenting.  We constantly wants to hold them on his lap and asks for them.  He sits by the tub and reads them books (about chickens) and feeds them half of his food - so far spaghetti and a cheese sandwich.  I'm hoping they'll be socialized well enough so they'll be pets for the boys.  Shais is very excited about them, but simply can't handle himself.  He touches them and then crawls away and shrieks!  I've taken a few pictures, but I think we'll take more this weekend.

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