Saturday, December 12, 2015


Young seedlings are so fragile and temperamental. You do your best to give them the best start you can. The right type of soil, not too acidic or basic - though every species has different needs.  Enough water, but not too much. Some sun, but not too much sun. They have to be hardened, but gently. You don't want them to go into shock. And then we have to decide when it's time to repot or if it's still to early. Too early and their little roots can't take the move, but you don't want to stunt growth by limiting the root's movement either.

As a family we have been contemplating a move, a repotting. As our family grows and the boys have different needs, we've been trying to decide to if a move to Austin would be right for us - more family, more educational opportunities, more cultural opportunities and a more cohesive Jewish community that includes a Modern Orthodox synagogue that seems just right for us. It seems like a no brainer...but our young family is just not ready to be repotted. A series of obstacles (mostly revolving around Dad's work situation) have shown us that it's just not time to move back to the friendly state.

Kentucky is fertile soil for our little seedlings. It's comfortable and safe. It's economical and we've made good friends who are supportive and kind. Our little house still has room for our roots and we're not too cramped yet. We still think a move back to Austin is in our future. If we want our seedlings to grow, they'll need to be repotted, but it's not that time yet.

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